TC ROM’ s acquired by Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging - TC ROM Glass

Berlin Packaging Acquires TC ROM
The acquisition expands the company’s global footprint to include the Balkans and strengthens existing Mediterranean business

MILAN (June 22, 2021) – Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier, announced today the acquisition of TC ROM, a company that supplies glass packaging for the food and beverage industry.

TC ROM has been synonymous with glass packaging in the region and is a key supplier of bottles and jars for olive oil, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and water. TC ROM has long-term relationships with its supplier partners and its 1,500+ customers, who benefit from the company’s value-added services, including package structural design, decoration capabilities, and the company’s own glass recycling facility.

Berlin Packaging EMEA: Europe’s largest packaging distributor

TC ROM entry into the Berlin Packaging EMEA family offers multiple advantages for its Suppliers and Partners.

  • Greater business opportunities
    Today our company has a total of more than 150+ sales representatives in North America, Europe, and Africa. Each member of the sales staff will be dedicated to helping Customers with the support of our Marketing, Purchasing, Service, and Logistics teams.
  • Customer portfolio development
    Berlin Packaging recorded strong organic growth in 2020, and through this further acquisition will be able to reach an even larger Customer base, serving over 45,000 active Customers and further developing its Customer portfolio, including market segments outside of cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Simplification of business
    With our warehousing and inventory management programs, we will work with you and your Customers to streamline supply chains.

We maintain our steadfast commitment to our Supplier relationships and our collaboration commitments during the integration process. There will be no change in current commercial relations, as we continue to partner with our entire network of Suppliers to find the best possible solutions for our Customers.

TC ROM’s Suppliers will continue to interface with the same people.
TC ROM, will continue to guarantee continuity of all the Company’s activities together with their teams of professionals.

The entire Berlin Packaging EMEA team will be only too pleased to assist their new colleagues to further optimize the contribution made to its Suppliers and to offer the best possible packaging solutions and service to its Customers.

The Company will be rebranded as: Berlin Packaging | TC ROM