Oil Caps

πωματα λαδιων

For the proper closing of bottles and serving of olive oil, our company offers aluminium screw caps with pourer (flow regulator), in dimensions 31.5X24 and 35X23. The caps are available in 3 colors (Black, Green and Gold) either for bottle with neck-ring suitable for aggancio interno (internal hook) or for aggancio esterno (external hook).

If you are looking for caps with different characteristics of the above or you need any technical advice, our experienced technical team will be happy to serve you.

All caps comply with the food & beverage quality norms of European Union and FDA (USA).

Aggancio interno (internal hook) is the classic solution for the fitting of the pourer in the neck-ring of a glass bottle. The pourer made of LDPE is properly mounted on the inner surface of the bottle’s neck-ring (UNI10155) due to its elastic performance.

On the other hand, aggancio esterno (external hook) is better mounted on the bottle due to the additional fitting on the external surface of the top area of the neck-ring.  With this way, any possibility to get detached from the bottle during serving is almost zero.  Please note that the cap with aggancio esterno is applied only to a glass bottle that carries a neck-ring dedicated for this fitment (UNI10666).

Always pay attention to use the proper cap for each type of neck-ring.

Aggancio interno VS Aggancio esterno


The aggancio interno is the classic solution for applying the flow regulator to the neck of the bottle. The flow regulator is made of LDPE and is held in the bottle by applying pressure to the inner wall of the epilogue (UNI10155) due to the elasticity of the material.


The aggancio esterno ensures additional retention of the flow regulator as it is also held externally on the upper surface of the epilogue and thus the chances of its detachment during use are virtually eliminated. Please pay attention in this case as the aggancio esterno cap only works with a bottle with a lever suitable for aggancio esterno (UNI10666).