At Berlin Packaging, we want to support our customers in achieving their sustainability targets by providing solutions and services that meet the latest sustainability standards without compromising functionality.

We build our sustainable packaging approach around three strategies: circularity, optimization, and refill & reuse

By exploring the latest innovations in these three areas, we can find or develop the perfect sustainable packaging solutions for the brands with which we serve.

Circular Product
Itinera Wine Collection



Aurelia is our most sustainable offering in the wine market. It is produced in a furnace that is powered by biomethane (waste) and additional renewable resources, all certified by Eco Power.

Any additional CO2 generated in production is offset in partnership with Climate Partner, making Aurelia a truely Carbon Neutral product.

It is available in antique green at 89% cullet or Emerald Green at 95% cullet.


The best way to achieve a sustainable product is to combine Aurelia bottle with one of our cork options.

What exactly makes cork sustainable?

Cork is an Evergreen Oak tree and it can be removed without damaging the tree.

The natural Cork is punched from a single piece of bark from the highest quality cork. Agglomerated cork is used from the smaller particles. Any unusable scrap material from the production site is used as biomass.

Cork stoppers are a natural, recyclable and reusable product.

Cork is 100% biodegradable.